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  • The product name: LAT9407XXY
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Product Specifications

Model Number


Rated Load

45000 kg

Tare Weight

7500 kg

Wheel Base

6810+1310+1310  6510+1310+1310 (mm)

Tyre Specifications


No. Of the Tyres


Axle Brand

FUWA (BPW optional)

No. Of the Axles


King Pin


Landing Leg


Pieces of leaf-spring

10 (8)


is constitute by tandem steel plate spring and bearing legs.

Departure Angle


Front/Rear Overhang

2400 mm

Outside Dimensions (LxWxH)

13000,12500X2550X4000,380036003400 (mm)

Interior Dimensions (LxWxH)

12850,12350X2340X2400 220020001800 (mm)

Material of the Main Beam

Q345B manganese plates, automatic submerged arc welded

Brake System

Dual line braking system /ABS

Brake Air Chamber

Six double chamber


24V  7 ways(7 wire harness)


Applicable to the transportation of the household appliance, textile goods, coal, dinas, and other building materials. 




Other Descriptions

box shell uses the corrugated steel plate (anti-wave) or flat type steel plate with high intensities. The interior part adopts a skeletonless structure, maximizing the carrying capacity. X-shape tension brace fixed the box shell a very strong unit.

The side guard adopts close-ended design to reduce the crosswise risks effectively, and energy consumption, running with high speed. And reasonable trailer accessories were placed at the rear guard box for convenience.

Other Specifications

The top of the box is be close-ended (pull/push open-ended, open-type, or open-type with cloth tent poles optional) 

The max height of the rear guard from ground is 550mm, and the cross section is 140mmX55mm.

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