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Model Axle NO Rated Load (kg) Outside Dimension  Tyre No leaf-spring Pcs 
LAT9406TDP 4 80000 15300X3000 X3150 16 10
Manufacture Liangshan Juyuan special vehicle manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Axle Brand FUWA
Suspension Leaf spring suspension, Leaf spring rigid suspension as Germany style
King Pin 2" or 3.5"        
Landing Gear 28 T
Colors  Any colors available
Tare weight  9-12 Tons
Main Beam Material Q345B carbon steel, automatic submerged arc welded
Brake System Dual line braking system
Brake Air Chamber Double air chambers
Tyre specifications 825R20-16,11.00R20-18PR
Floor 4mm carbon steel plate or manganese plate
Other Specifications The cargo loading deck is extendable from 3m width to 3.5 width, 2.5m on each side. The cargo's carrying platform is 910mm high from the ground. The height of rear guard settings is 420mm from the ground.
Other Descriptions The whole body adopts steel with good quality, and be manufactured by advanced skills and strict producing managerial processes. The frame is wearing structure, webs made from manganese plates from 400mm to 550mm high welded the upper and lower flangeplates together, and the beam runs through the longitudinal beam makes the two parts a very strong unit by automatic submerged arc welding. Frame using peen-forming processing.
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