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Stake trailer introduction

Writer:Aotong TrailerDate:2019年1月30日 10:04

Stake semi-trailer laden parts of the structural design of the trailer using the fence. Mainly used to transport agricultural goods and other light bulbs.


1. Models and structural design technology combined with user- fence the goods category, designed to meet under load sufficiently to reduce car weight, simple structure suitable for easy removal for users to reduce investment costs and create more profit value.


2. Trailer Frame: the use of stringers and beams throughout the whole group welded space frame structure. A balanced frame of strength, stiffness , toughness, strong bearing capacity, without permanent deformation.


3. Series Stake trailer frame are wearing beam structure, the use of straight- stringer or goose neck. Web height from 400 to 500, automatic submerged arc welding stringers, frames using blasting treatment , beams and stringers penetration welding as a whole.


4. Trailer Suspension system: the new suspension system, high strength, high impact resistance; each axle load balancing, the angle lever system designed, in operation during the frequent bumps, reducing the friction between the tires and the slippage distance, reduce tire wear, while adjustable rod, adjustable wheelbase, avoid bias tires round run- bite phenomenon .



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