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Introduction on the Multiple -Axles Low bed semi trailer with rigid suspension

Writer:Aotong TrailerDate:2018年12月18日 10:32



Recent years, there is new trend on the abnormal loading transport filed. More and more clients are likely to use the rigid suspension low bed semi trailers in stead of the steel spring suspension.


The rigid suspension is usually equipped with multiple axles with multiple lines. Such 4 axles in 2 line lowboy trailer , or 6 axles in 3 line low bed trailer , 8 axles in 4 line low loader trailer and so on.

The technical advantage of the argo bogie suspension system are :

1. Super strong design, strong capacity and long service life. Which can reach more than 100 tons capacity.

2. Stable and perfect brake ability, easy for maintenance

3. Application for equipment with super heavy duty and width

4. Available for different type of axles, and single seat ,double seat is available also can be adjust according to customers requirement.


Till now, we have made different type of multi-axles multi line low flat bed trailer for clients, welcome to inquiry us for more information. 

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